Olive Oil

Hamilton Russell Vineyards Olive Oil is grown in the traditional way without irrigation and at very low yields, both in terms of kilograms per tree and oil yield per kilogram. Extreme care is taken to hand-pick the olives used for our oil at the stage of ripeness which results in a fresh, aromatic, full flavored oil with a peppery finish. A high percentage of sandstone-derived soils emphasize this fresh lifted fruit and cut-grass character while delivering a lighter more elegant palate structure. The percentage of clay grown olives provides additional structure and density to the oil.

Latest vintage available online via Port2Port.

  • Tons harvested 10.36
  • Litres made 1 645
  • Oil Yield 15.90%


  • Number of Trees 3050


  • Frantoio & SA Leccino 2300 trees, 4.5 ha
  • Mission 750 trees, 1.5 ha


  • Oil produced on clay soils 20%
  • Oil produced on sandstone-derived soils 80%


  • Free Fatty Acids 0.20%
  • Bottles Produced 3 228  500ml


  • This blend  Frantoio & SA Leccino 85% Mission 15%
Growing Season

As for our previous winter resting period, we experienced a slightly dry winter rainfall season, with about 110mm of rain short of the long-term average, with accompanying moderate temperatures. We had a surprising 155mm of rain during the October flowering period however. This meant good soil moisture levels during fruit set and the active vegetative growing period, with temperatures about 2 °C warmer than normal. All good for healthy growth and development. January also provided good rains to support the fruit growth stage, which was important for a yield that turned out to be our second largest crop over the past ten years. Lower rainfall and cooler temperatures during March and April resulted in some trees ripening their fruit later than normal. We seized this opportunity to patiently wait, identifying and harvesting the olives from individual trees at optimum ripeness. 2020 was a truly excellent Olive Oil harvest.

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